The Ramen Bar

Address: 101 California St., San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 684-1570

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On a cloudy morning, I went with a few co-workers to Michael Mina’s The Ramen Bar at 101 California.  There was a line going out of the door and seating inside and outside was full.  We ended up sitting at the actual ramen bar in front of the open kitchen.  This was great because it gave us a chance to view the production line and how the food was made.  The food came within 5 minutes of ordering/seating.  Take-out and online ordering is also available.


I ordered the Chasu Miso-Butter Hokkaido which is braised pork, garlic, sweet corn, and a soy-cured egg over a rich/bold, flavorful broth.  The pork was tender, broth was flavorful, and soy-cured egg was AMAZING!  The ramen bowl was a good-sized portion.


I also ordered a Hong Kong Milk Tea with boba from the Tea Tails menu.  “Tea Tails are brewed using the finest of LaMill Teas.  Milk Teas are steeped directly in milk for a velvety and smooth treat.”  There was a fair amount of ice (maybe too much) and a decent amount of boba.  Flavor was average.


For dessert, I ordered the Green Tea Parfait which was white chocolate-green tea mousse, huckleberry jam, and green tea croutons.  The mousse was smooth and rich.  Since white chocolate is involved, I’m automatically a sucker for it.  The huckleberry jam was tart and pairs wonderfully with the mousse.  The croutons were surprisingly tasty and not rock-hard.

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All-in-all, the Ramen Bar was great.  The prices might not be too appealing though (maybe because the association to Michael Mina).

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [?]
Highchairs/Boosters [y]
Stroller Access [might be tight]

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