Old World Food Truck

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Today at the TruckStopSF alley, my Jewish co-worker’s favorite food truck happened to be there.  I haven’t tasted their food yet, so I decided to tag along.  The Old World Food Truck serves East European and Jewish Soul Food as the picture above states.


I ordered the Old World Food Plate which was a tasting (sampler) plate of chicken schnitzel with caraway honey and pepper relish, Yukon Potato & Farmer’s Cheese pierogi with condiments, and apple-cabbage slaw.


You can taste the sweetness of the caraway honey in the Chicken Schnitzel and also the crunchiness of the breading.  It’s basically like eating sweet fried chicken.  Yummy!

The Pierogi was like eating a potsticker (or Gyoza) and was decent.  Sour Cream and Fried Onion pieces were the condiments that topped the pierogis.

The apple-cabbage slaw didn’t stand out much.

All in all, a decent sampler plate.  I have to try the rest of their menu for a more comprehensive review.


***Update 3/12/2014***:  I tried the Reuben today.  It consists of a generous amount of house cured corned beef & sauerkraut with an overabundance of whole grain mustard seeds and slight brandied Russian dressing on very toasted NY Rye.  I couldn’t really taste the brandied Russian dressing because of the plethora of mustard seeds overpowered it, but I could see it.  Very tasty sandwich.

– Norm

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