Grace Unplugged

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 1.45.48 PMGrace Unplugged
Written by Melody Carlson
Published by B&H Books
304 pages

This book is a novelization of the film by the same name, Grace Unplugged. It is a story of a prodigal daughter. Grace Trey, a talented young musician, wants to shine on the stage. With a worship pastor dad, Johnny Trey, who is a former music star, she got her chance when Johnny’s old manager comes to recruit him to bring back his old one-hit wonder song. Johnny who found Christ and His grace, does not want to be reminded of that life, and turns down Mossy’s offer. Grace, who felt like her dad was treating her like a little girl even though she was 18 years old, took a chance to show him that she was ready to be seen and known. Sapphire Music becomes interested in Gracie, and she sneaks off to be a part of the Hollywood scene. Johnny has to let Grace experience on her own that she is deceived if she thinks that the people around her was looking out for her best interest. She has to decide if she really wants to own her faith or not.

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– Joyce

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