Seattle: Maximus Minimus

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For lunch on our third day in Seattle, my parents and I visited one of the most famous food trucks in Seattle for takeout: Maximus Minimus.  This is the famous food truck shaped like a metal pig.  They serve pulled pork and veggie sandwiches, (cole)slaw, and Max & Cheese (Beecher’s Mac and Cheese).  With all of the food items, there is an opposing choice of either Maximus or Minimus.  With our entire order, we favored and ordered everything Minimus.


We ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich (Minimus), “sweet and tangy with tamarind, honey, and molasses”.  Maximus would be “hot and spicy from a mixture of peppers, onions, and fruit juices”.   The sandwich came with a generous amount of delicious pulled pork.  We also ordered a side of crunchy Slaw (Minimus), “honey mustard, cranberries, sweet onion, and mint”.  Maximus would be “hints of chipotle with radish and cilantro”.


For the kids, we ordered plain Max & Cheese (from Beecher’s), which of course the girls loved from our first meal in Seattle.  This can also be ordered with a dollap of the pulled pork sandwich Maximus sauce.

For drinks, we mixed 2/3rds Minimus (Hibiscus Nectar) and 1/3rd Maximus (Ginger Lemonade).  This was a refreshing and tart grape/cranberry punch-like mixture.  The girls had bottled water.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
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Highchairs/Boosters [n]
Stroller Access [sidewalk/parking lot]

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