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Every day (Monday through Friday), there is an Off The Grid: Burger Pod event at the parking lot adjacent to the old Jeanty at Jack’s restaurant on Sacramento/Montgomery.  One food truck comes each day.  This used to be the consistent location for Kung Fu Tacos.  The first Off The Grid: Burger Pod truck I visited was Doc’s of the Bay.

Doc’s of the Bay is known for their burgers and their homemade Red Bell (Pepper) Ketchup.


I ordered a Doc’s Box (combo) of Fried Chicken Burger with a Double Whammy (Potlatch-Dusted French Fries and Blue Lake Green Beans) side.  The Fried Chicken Burger is a monsterous fried white-meat chicken breast on a pillowy Firebrand Challah bun with buttermilk battered jalapeno-dill coleslaw (not spicy).  Yum… can you go wrong with Fried Chicken and Coleslaw?  You can’t.  It was amazing.  The Double Whammy of matchstick French Fries and stringed Green Beans were dusted with addictive Potlatch seasoning.


Doc’s also offers an assortment of specialty sodas.  I ordered a River City Blueberry Lemonade Soda.  It’s transparent blue and tastes like a blueberry Crush.

The quality of the premium ingredients Doc’s uses shows in its food, which is wonderfully delectable.


***Update***: Sadly, Off The Grid is no longer putting on the Burger Pod daily weekday events.  However, I recently tried the Doc’s Classic Burger.  It’s a 5 oz. Black Angus Patty with American Cheese, house-special sauce, Green Hollow Preserves Sliced Pickles, Hothouse Tomatoes, butter lettuce all of the pillowy Firebrand Challah bun I so love.  I have to say that Firebrand Challah buns is what makes Doc’s burgers extra-special/yummy.

– Norm

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