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I found out that the ArKi Truck (or Architect’s Kitchen Truck) stops by on Tuesday and Fridays three blocks from my workplace.  So…let’s give them a try.


Fried Chicken & Waffles?  How about Fried Chicken & Beignets?

The ArKi Truck’s staple is their Fried Chicken.  I ordered the Chicken Combo which consisted of Fried Chicken (one drumstick and one thigh) and Beignets (2 pieces).


The Fried Chicken was absolutely perfect…seasoned and fried to perfection.  The skin was crispy (with a hint of sweetness) while the meat stayed moist and tender throughout.  I asked for a little sauce on the side (in case I needed something to dip the chicken into….turns out it wasn’t really necessary) and it was the yummy sweet chili sauce/mayo combo.


The Beignets were light and fluffy.  They were glazed with a light caramel sauce, but not too sweet.  This was the perfect complimentary dessert to the Fried Chicken.


The ArKi Fried Chicken Sandwich.  There is so much crispy/panko-breaded fried chicken that it falls out of the sandwich.  Plus, there’s mashed potatoes actually in the sandwich!  The sandwich gets a little messy when eating it with the garlic/mayo aioli and the mashed potatoes getting the bread soggy.  But this sandwich is oh so good!  I asked for some spicy sauce (the sweet chili/mayo combo) on the side for dipping.


The Works Sandwich consists of the perfectly breaded panko-crusted fried chicken, crunchy coleslaw, sweet/spicy aioli, and hash browns.  Eating the sandwich was a slightly messy, but the sandwich contents stayed crunchy and didn’t end up soggy due to the coleslaw, fried chicken, and hash browns.  Good stuff!

My arteries are now officially clogged with lardy goodness.  Talk about good ol’ Southern Comfort.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [n]
Highchairs/Boosters [n]
Stroller Access [sidewalk, parking lot]

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4 thoughts on “ArKi Truck

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  2. This is the truck my former student’s parents own. Should have told him you’re my bro-in-law. He will do hook ups for family and friends.

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  4. Another great recipe. I made my own Thai sweet chili sauce for this, and marinated the chicken just a bit longer. The dish ended up tasting so good that we were spooning the sauce of our plates because we couldn’t get enough of it! Thanks for sharing.

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