This Is Our Time


This Is Our Time
Directed by Lisa Arnold
Not Rated
104 minutes

This movie starts out with 5 friends who have just graduated from college. They had big dreams for what the future holds for them. Luke and Alé get married right after college and go to India to work in a leper colony. They serve in a ministry called Embrace A Village. Alé’s brother Ethan, who was an English major, is left wondering what he was supposed to do with his life now he has graduated and no graduate schools have accepted him. He works in his dad’s sandwich shop as a waiter. Catherine wants to do big things in corporate America. She works for a prestigious financial institution. And Ryder gets a job in social media.

As the movie progresses, we watch the new lives unfold before them, and it is NOTHING like what they imagined. Catherine is stuck as the new, young girl who seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place when she finds out something that the big boss is hiding. Ryder’s also runs into trouble when it seems that what he has done is not exactly in line with what his bosses intended for him to do. Ethan still thinks God has left him out, as he is left behind as his friends are moving forward. When tragedy strikes, none of those things matter. One of these friends don’t make it through this first year out of college, and the other four gather together with the gifts that God has given them to do something even bigger than what they thought they could do.

My only dislike of this DVD is not even part of the actual movie, but rather how the DVD itself works. I’m not sure if it is just the DVD we have, or if it is like this with all of them. You can not skip the previews! We didn’t watch the whole movie through because we watched it after the kids went to bed, but it was interrupted twice by a little one who needed something from us. So each of the first two times that we went to watch the movie, we would have to sit through the previews before getting to the main menu to select the scene we stopped off at.

– Joyce

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