Abel’s Field

Abel’s Field
Directed by Gordie Haakstad
Rated PG
104 minutes

Abel’s Field is a heart-warming tale of a young man attempting to overcome a terrible situation at home to help his young sisters avoid the challenges facing him. Starring Kevin Sorbo (Soul Surfer, Hercules) and Samuel Davis, Abel’s Field is a powerful reminder of the positive influence we can have on others.”

Abel’s Field is a faith-based family film of a high school senior named Seth who is left to fend and provide for himself and his two kid sisters. His brother has abandoned them and the father has taken off for trucking gigs. Seth struggles to make ends meet going to school and holding down two after-school jobs. He also gets bullied by quarterback (Billy) and other members of the football team on a daily basis.

After getting into another altercation with the football players, the football coach (Coach Chalmers) assigns Seth to after-school work detail with a temporary janitor turned groundskeeper: Abel. Abel eventually becomes a mentor for Seth and gives him much-needed solid advice at opportune and desperate times.

“…be brutally honest with Him… I turned to Him when I had nothing left.” – Abel

When you talk the talk (or give the advice), be prepared to walk the walk. As the film continues to unfold, we find out more and more about Abel’s story. Seth eventually uses their mutual relationship to encourage Abel to make things right.

As Seth changes throughout the film, Katie (a popular girl and the quarterback’s date to the big homecoming dance) becomes enamored with him and also offers to help him and the local church pastor does too.

This film has some touching scenes when times are rough and situations look bleak. The movie also teaches us about trust and to do the right thing even when things aren’t going your way.

– Norm

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