Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop

Address: 385 So. Livermore Ave., Livermore, CA 94550
Phone: (925) 373-PKLE (7553)

Joyce and the girls had a trip to the Joan’s Pumpkin Patch out in Livermore and I tagged along.  We decided to eat lunch in Livermore somewhere and Yelped good kid-friendly places to eat.  One of the top places was Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop.  Mr. Pickles is a franchise-based sandwich shop with tons of shops throughout Northern California and Nevada.

A free cookie is included in every order and you can eat inside with tables/booths or outside on the patio facing the intersection since Mr. Pickles is located on a corner.  Supposedly, sometimes an employee dresses up in a pickle suit and dances outside the sandwich shop as advertisement.  It didn’t happen when we were there.

I ordered The Mr. Pickle Sandwich on Dutch Crunch with everything except peppers.  It was an excellent blend of all the ingredients and the Dutch Crunch held the sandwich together well (highly recommended bread selection here).

I also ordered a Chicken Ranch Sandwich on a Sweet Roll with everything except peppers.  It was tasty, but the ranch part of the sandwich made the soft sweet roll bread soggy and difficult to eat without getting messy.

For the girls, I ordered one Ham sandwich kids meal and another PB&J sandwich kids meal.  The kids meal includes apple sauce, a cookie, juice or milk (we chose YooHoo chocolate milk), and a kids toy.  Surprisingly, Mr. Pickles puts the kids meal in VeggieTales paper bags.  Are the owners church-goers?  Sandwiches were pretty big for the kids.

Of course since we were eating at Mr. Pickles, I also had to get a pickle for $1.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [y]
Changing Station [y]
Highchairs/Boosters [y]
Stroller Access [okay]

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5 thoughts on “Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop

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  2. Sounds like a nice place to stop by. May be we will go there if we go see Christmas lights in Livermore… Or go outlet shopping.

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