Eat Real Festival 2012

Melody, Emily, myself, and special guest cow-fu Eric went over to Jack London Square in Oakland Saturday afternoon for the annual Eat Real Festival.

This year the longest line was for Gerard’s Paella.  The line went all the way around the dock and supposedly you had to wait 1 1/2 hrs. for it.  Good thing we decided not to wait.  Side note: At one of our friend’s wedding in Petaluma, she catered Gerard’s Paella.  It was good then and I’m sure it’s still good now.

There was also a long wait for Chairman Bao this year.  Sam’s Chowdermobile was in the same location last year and had the longest line.  They had a shorter line this year because Sam’s Chowdermobile was hidden toward the back along with KoJa Kitchen.  I think that location has more visibility; hence, more customers.  People were gawking over the well-presented food from KoJa Kitchen.  I visited KoJa Kitchen the week after Eat Real when it visited the TruckStopSF alley.  Separate review of KoJa Kitchen will be written shortly.

On to review of the food……

El Porteno Empanadas
Pollo was tasty.  Mushroom was Emily’s favorite.  Banana was Melody’s favorite.  Dulce de Leche Alfajores was really sweet caramel inside powdered sugar cookies.


Gilroy Garlic Mac & Cheese with California Gouda and Jack Cheese.  Kids always love Mac & Cheese.

I went back to the Eat Real Festival Sunday afternoon while the girls napped and brought home some goodies.

Little Green Cyclo
Sweet Potato Tater Tots with tossed with mint were addictive.  They were as addictive as Brass Knuckle‘s version of the Sweet Potato Tater Tots.

Five-spice chicken banh mi had fresh ingredients.

Rice Paper Scissors
Beef Pho Rice Roll with ground beef and green onion.  The Sriracha sauce on the bottom made it a bit spicy.

Sam’s Chowdermobile
New England Clam Chowder was chunky and chock full of clam, chicken, celery, potatoes, and even bacon.  Amazing!

Lobster Roll had TONS of lobster meat on top of a buttered sourdough toast bun.

– Norm


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