Namu Street Food

Address: San Francisco Ferry Building on Thursdays for Lunch (10am-2pm)
Phone: (415) 431-6268

On a nice summer day, I did a lunch run to the Thursday San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers’ Market and got food from the Namu Street Food stall.  This stall is based off of Chef Dennis Lee’s Namu Gaji Restaurant.

I had two of “the real” Korean tacos.  One was Kalbi BBQ Short Rib and the other was Chicken Thigh.  They were both nicely seasoned, but messy to eat as the ingredients sporadically fell out of the nori seaweed wrap.

Gamja Fries were amazing.  It had Kalbi BBQ Short Rib with gochujang (spicy red sauce), Kimchee relish, teriyaki sauce, kewpie mayonnaise and green onions over crispy organic potato fries.  A bit of spice came from the Kimchee and gochujang.  This dish won the Best Culinary Neologism of 2010 from SFWeekly.

The Cold Soba Noodle (Bibim) Salad is a healthy choice containing cold Japanese Soba noodles, Kimchee, and tofu all mixed with a kimchee sesame dressing.  I added some chicken.  Soba noodles from Japan meet Kimchee from Korea.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) is an scallion pancake with bonito (fish) flakes on top with generous amount of kewpie mayo and I added a fried free-range egg for $1.  This tasted like a light version of the thick Seafood Pancake from Tofu House in Castro Valley.

IMG_0498 IMG_0499

Korean BBQ Style Chicken Sando is a burger-like sandwich with marinated chicken thigh, swiss cheese, soy glazed onions, pickled daikon, kaiware, aioli, and dijon on top of a butter griddled marla bakery sourdough brioche bun.  The chicken was perfectly marinated and cooked.  Of course, I’m a sucker for soft and pillowy brioche buns.  All-in-all, the chicken sando was almost perfect except that holding the thing got a little oily.  I’m not sure whether it was from the chicken, cheese, or bun.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [n]
Highchairs/Boosters [n]
Stroller Access [sidewalk]

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