Tofu House

Address: 2788 Castro Valley Blvd., Castro Valley, CA 94546
Phone: (510) 247-8889
Website: N/A

I can’t believe we haven’t done a review for Tofu House in Castro Valley yet.  We come here every so often to either get takeout or dine-in.  They even give you Banchan with takeout orders as well.  That’s awesome!  I thought it was only for dine-in.  It usually is at Korean restaurants.

Tofu House opened in July 2009 and you can tell it used to be an old Taco Bell.  The old drive-thru is still there along with the parking lot, which isn’t paved and is gravel.  It’s all good though since it’s probably the only Korean restaurant in town.  They’re open daily except for Sundays when they go to church.

Another cool thing about Tofu House is at each table, they have an attention bell to signal the waitress at the front counter.  This is much like the steward signal on airplanes.  Neat idea!

Tofu House is a Korean restaurant, but not a Korean BBQ restaurant.  In other words, you don’t smell like Korean BBQ after eating there……which is a good thing.

On to the reviews of the food:

We usually get Japchae (cellophane noodles with beef bulgogi and stir-fried vegetables).  You can tell they put some sesame oil in there.  It’s good stuff.

We also get Bibimbab (or Bibimbap).  This would be assorted/shredded vegetables, beef bulgogi, and a fried egg over rice.  Interestingly enough, the girls borrowed a children’s book called Bee-bim Bop! by Linda Sue Park from the Castro Valley Library.  Bibimbap means “mix, mix rice”.  After picking out what you want from the dish, you get to mix it around to experience the blending of  each ingredient’s flavor.

A popular dish at Tofu House is the Seafood Pancake, which is HUGE.  It’s essentially a huge seafood and vegetable omelette cooked in what looks like a deep-dish pizza pan.  This is a dish you have to share.

We also ordered the Tofu Salad, which is basically chilled fried tofu over iceberg lettuce with a citrusy dressing.

Another popular dish at Tofu House is the Soft Tofu Soup.  This comes in many flavors and you can request the level of spiciness.  It’s served in a hot pot and you can scrap the rice at the bottom with the soup when you’re almost done.

For the kids, we ordered the Pan Fried Dumplings.  This is just Pot Stickers.

The food is also low-sodium and MSG free for the health-conscious.

I highly recommend my local Tofu House as feeds my Korean food cravings well.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [y]
Highchairs/Boosters [y]
Stroller Access [normal]

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2 thoughts on “Tofu House

  1. Rainy Friday blues.The boo wanted to take me for a spicy tofu soup lunch and yelping around, tofu house seemed like a good bet. Rolling through the rain into Castro Valley, we parked in the broken concrete parking lot and headed inside. It was so cute! Quite literally a house, we were seated instantly and given menus. The walls had pictures of the food with the prices, blown up, looking absolutely delicious! The table set was adorable and everything you needed was neatly placed and already there. We had the Seafood Soft Tofu (9.99), which comes with a clay pot of the purple rice. It was hot and came with an egg, which you’re supposed to crack yourself into the soup as soon as you get it! How awesome is that?! It has loads of clams, tofu, flavor, squid legs amongst some other things and mild was just right for us- considering I can’t stand spicy. The tofu really soften the rice and made them an amazing combination on a chilly day. We also got the Korean Beef Bulgogi (10.99-LUNCH). It seemed discolored and bland when it arrived in the sizzling plate, but the flavors were all there and a good tenderness to the meat. It was stacked high sitting on onions, so the meat didn’t burn. It was the lunch size, during dinner, you get a bigger platter but it’s about 8 dollars more. As in any Korean style restaurant, we got the assortment of those little dishes that came. I actually never knew you could ask for a refill, haha. I love the bean sprouts, the noodles and the broccoli, silly me. It came out to be 25 with tip, which was a good deal. We left happy and filled up, ate everything and it was perfect. Since it is a Korean style eatery, there’s a button to press for service. So don’t get mad if you think the waitress is ignoring you or not coming around to check on you! Great little spot for those rainy days, needing some tofu soup to warm the bones.

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