Ike’s Place

Address: 3489-16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 553-6888
Website: http://ilikeikesplace.com/

Ike’s Place is a sandwich institution in San Francisco.  You usually have to wait in line for a while so it is highly recommended that you call in your order before going to pick it up.

One co-worker offered to go pick up sandwiches for us, so we all put in our orders.  We then sat in a conference room and ate the absolutely scrumptious lunch with root beer in a glass bottle another co-worker got us at the Walgreen’s across the street.

My order was the Matt Cain Championship Edition sandwich on a Dutch Crunch roll.  The Championship Edition of the sandwich was created when the SF Giants won the World Series in 2010.

The regular Matt Cain sandwich contains: Roast Beef, Turkey, Salami, Godfather Sauce, and Provolone
Championship Edition adds: Beer-Battered Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Avocado, and Dirty Sauce.

The beer-battered mozzarella sticks added a different/crunchy texture to the sandwich.  Fry sauce (also known as Onion Rings sauce) was the dirty sauce and the Godfather sauce combined?  Dutch Crunch was needed for the bread to hold all of the ingredients together and for the ingredients to not make the bread soggy.  The sandwich was absolutely amazing and quite filling with all those ingredients…..enough for about two meals.

I also had a side of Dirty Chips (Funky Fusion flavor).  Funky Fusion happens to be an interesting combination of BBQ and Salt & Vinegar flavors.

Ike’s sandwich menu is pretty extensive and has interesting names for their sandwiches.  So many choices and only so much time.  Keep up the good work Ike!

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [n]
Highchairs/Boosters [n]
Stroller Access [not so much]

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