Thunder Dog

Thunder Dog
by Michael Hingson (collaborator Susy Flory)
Published by Thomas Nelson
256 pages

Now, for anyone who doesn’t know me, I’ll confess that I am not a huge animal person, so for those who do know that about me, you’re wondering why I read a book about a dog. I don’t mind being around animals if they are there, and I’m actually the one that always “awwww”s at cute little puppy dogs and bunnies, but we’re not owning a pet anytime soon. I have enough humans to clean after already. But when Susy Flory came to speak at our MOPS meeting last year, I decided to buy this book, which she is a collaborator on. Besides watching the news coverage on TV about the hijacked planes hitting the World Trade Center, I did not read any actual personal accounts of the event. When I read things like that I get “attached” to the people and my heart breaks for them. (But I guess that needs to happen sometimes so that we can demonstrate compassion to those around us who are hurting.) Susy shared with us about friendships, and had wonderful examples of how Michael Hingson (the author) and Roselle (his guide dog) were a great team through what had happened on that tragic day. There was trust in that relationship, as there should be all relationships. I am so glad I got this book. I am amazed at all that Hingson has accomplished and will accomplish in his lifetime. He overcame obstacles to achieve things that even some “seeing” people can’t (or I guess he will say that we can). I am in amazed that a blind man was able to lead people to safety on September 11th as a building was falling to the ground. I didn’t think I would enjoy this book as much as I did, but it was definitely a page-turner. This book is a great read even if you an animal-lover.

– Joyce

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Trivia: I went to high school with Susy Flory’s nephew.


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