Frodo Joe’s

Address: 17665 Hesperian Blvd. (between Bockman Rd. & Hacienda Ave.), San Lorenzo, CA 94580
Phone: (510) 481-1844
Website: N/A
Hours: Mon-Sat 6AM-5PM, Sun 8AM-2PM

It was a rare day that I got to spend with just Emily since Norm took Melody to the SF Symphony. We have been reading a book that we checked out from the library called Daddy Adventure Day. They girls are loving it, and we decided that since Melody is having Daddy Adventure Day, that Emily and I would have Mommy Adventure Day. After going to the library, I wanted to take Emily out for some crepes. We drove to Crepes de Art in Hayward, but it was closed for remodeling. I found Frodo Joe’s on Yelp and remembered that a friend had mentioned it before (actually sister did too, but I couldn’t remember the name), so we headed over to San Lorenzo.

There is a regular seating area, and there’s this lovely set up in the back. There is lovely artwork that you can buy there too. I didn’t look, but I think they have a shelf of books that you can take, or if you want to leave one too. There are coffees and teas, and pastries and sandwiches, but we just had the crepes.

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It look like the person taking orders was new since the owner was giving some instructions on what to do. As soon as I paid and Emily chose a seat by the window, we got our order. That was quick! The owner also brought out a plastic plate and plastic fork for Emily even though I didn’t think to ask for it for her since we were sharing. We had a Breakfast Galette, which is a crepe with tomatoes, ham, cheese, and mushrooms. We had a choice of a side of pasta, Greek salad, steamed veggies or fruit. We chose the pasta. There is a pesto sauce that they put on all the savory crepes. The crepe (egg part) itself was just okay as far as crepes go. The stuff inside was pretty yummy.

We finished our crepe and ordered our dessert crepe to-go since it was Emily’s naptime. It was a little mushed by the time we got home so below is a photo from yelp of how it would look if we ordered and ate there. We would have ordered the strawberry crepe, but strawberries aren’t in season. We got the mixed berries crepe with orange sauce. You can add a side of fruit or ice cream. Since we were taking it to go, we chose the fruit. I like that they added a piece of foil to keep the crepe and the fruit separate so that the sauce doesn’t totally mix.

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Another cool little thing about Frodo Joe’s is that you can get a card that you can get stamped for each crepe you order. After getting 10 stamps (=ordering 10 crepes), you can get a free crepe. I like businesses that reward loyal customers.

– Joyce

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station N/A
Highchairs/Boosters [y]
Stroller Access [maximal]

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