Solar LED Christmas Lights

For Christmas this year, I was shopping at Target and happen to peruse the Christmas Lights section.  There were a ton of Philips-brand LED lights on sale: regular LED, energy-saving LED, and the one that caught my eye (solar LED).  The thought of not needing to plug-in lights and the electricity bill not spiking appealed to me.  Since the girls love looking at Christmas lights around the neighborhoods I decided to get some for this year.  The only bad thing about the solar LED lights are that they dim fairly quickly compared to lights that are plugged-in depending on how much sun they get earlier in the day.

At first, I started out with buying the Philips Solar LED Cool White Icicle Lights for the small front entrance roof of our house.  They were about $19.99 and the length was just about right.  However, because of the way I strung them up, the solar panel wasn’t really sturdy even though I tried taping it down with packing tape.  You can see it hanging down in the below picture.  They don’t flash/blink and just steadily stay on for about 6 hours from a sunny’s day charge and less when there are more clouds.

I also bought two color-changing cracked glass solar LED ball lights on stakes ($12.99 each) and one color-changing snowflake solar LED stake ($12.99 each).  The two ball lights have a battery inside each of them (which I still don’t know what they do because there is already a solar panel on the stake).  The snowflake stake required some assembly and I accidentally cut the wires connecting the solar panel because I pushed the connecting rods together too tightly.  My dad stripped and soldared them back together to work again.  In the below picture where the bushes are, the snowflake stake is in the middle while the ball stakes are on the outside.

I then tried the find flashing multi-colored solar LED lights for the rest of the house, but I couldn’t find them for a couple of weeks.  While on another shopping run, I was at Walgreens at spotted some cheapo made-in-china solar LED multi-colored flashing lights.  I bought four of them ($8.99 each on clearance) and strung them on the roof on top of the garage and also on the roof on top of the front room (which was pretty high and dangerous to get to as Joyce held the ladder for me).

Here’s the final product of what the solar LED Christmas lights look like on the front of our house:

– Norm


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