Eat Real Festival 2011 – Day 1 of 2

This review is a month late due to our recent reviews of the restaurants we frequented on our family vacation to Sacramento.  We decided to go to our second Eat Real Festival on Saturday for lunch but had to leave early for a birthday party in the early afternoon.

The first stop was Pietisserie.  The mini Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie from Jaynelle St. Jean was absolutely, wonderfully sweet.  Emily and especially Melody loved every bite.  It’s a bit pricey for the portion you get, but oh so good!

The girls then found Pizza Politana (a regular food vendor during the Thursday Farmers’ Market at the SF Ferry Building).  A slice of Housemade Garlic Pork Sausage Pizza was good and the Roasted Mushrooms/Parmesan/Carmelized Onions/Thyme/Truffle Oil pizza was excellent Joyce said.

I then stopped by The Taco Guys and got two tacos: a Maui Fish Taco and the Burmese Lamb Taco.  The Maui Fish Taco was good but a bit spicy from the sriracha mayo.  The Burmese Lamb Taco was excellent with a generous amount of lamb given.

Ebbett’s Good To Go was the next stop.  The Cubano Sandwich was great with shredded pork and ham.  The Roast Beef Sandwich was scrumptious with the blue cheese; however, the Acme rustic bread was a bit hard.

The last stop of the day before heading home was the Belcampo Meat Company.  The sweet corn relish hot dog was good for the kids except for the part where the yummy soft brioche hot dog bun and its contents fell apart.  Melody and Emily didn’t mind as they ate everything separately anyways.  We also had Beef Tallow Fries (aka French Fries fried in beef fat) which was quite tasty.

I came back to the Eat Real Festival the next day, so stay tuned for that review.

– Norm


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