Sacramento: New Canton Restaurant

Address: 2523 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: (916) 739-8888

For the next couple of reviews, I’ll be reviewing the restaurants we frequented on our recent family vacation to the Sacramento area.  On Sunday after church, we saw a chinese restaurant (New China Restaurant) close by and decided it would be good to get some dim sum while up in Sac.  However, they were closed so I went on Yelp and decided to Yelp a dim sum restaurant.  New Canton Restaurant came up with the most reviews and most of the chinese restaurants were rated similarly.

After waiting a couple of minutes, we were escorted up the stairs and to our table on the 2nd floor.  The A/C was turned on a tad too much, so it was a bit chilly.  Some porridges were also cooked on small camp stoves set up along a wall which was interesting.

Apologies for the following half-eaten food pictures as the food was coming fast and we were eating it fast =)

The carts came by quite often and we had our food within minutes.  The mini pineapple/egg custard bun (si-bo-luo-ngai-wong-bao) was absolutely amazing.

Of course, we had regular steamed egg custard bun (jing-ngai-wong-bao) as well.  I had to also pair it with Jasmine Tea for the sweet aftertaste as usual (a tried and true combination).

Joyce ordered her favorite: Turnip Rice Cake (law-bak-go).

The beef rice noodle rolls (ngou-yuk-cheung-fun) and shrimp rice noodle rolls (ha-cheung-fun) were great as well.  Melody and Emily ate tons of the beef rice noodle rolls.

My parents got some thousand-year-old egg and shredded chicken porridge (pay-dan-sao-yuk-jook) and I’m guessing it was a hit since it was all gone and I didn’t have any.

The sesame red bean balls (jin-deui) were good as were the egg custard tarts (dan-tat).

The baked BBQ pork buns (guk-char-siu-bao) were tasty as well.

We also had some beef dumpling (siu-mai), but didn’t see any shrimp dumpling (ha-gow) come by.

My dad also order this big donut ball with sugar sprinkled on the outside for dessert.

All in all, the dim sum was excellent and when we got the check, it was a pretty good value as well.  It came out to about $8 per person and we had tons of food and left satisfied.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [n]
Highchairs/Boosters [y]
Stroller Access [normal, 2nd floor elevator access]

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