Southern Sandwich Co.

Address: 720 California Street (at Sabin Alley every other Wednesday) or Facebook / Twitter
Phone: (415) 506-9558

I was excited to experience BBQ coming from a food truck for the first time and Southern Sandwich Co. did not disappoint.  The meats are traditionally smoked for hours on end, but it’s the sauces that make the meat stand out.  Without the sauces, the meats are of the above-average fare.  The white bread that came with the plate was interesting in that you can make your own “sandwiches” out of the meat from the plate I ordered.

Carolina Pulled Pork = A bit dry by itself, but the Eastern Carolina Vinegar gives it a sweet, vinegary kick.

Fresh Cut Coleslaw = Tangy and Peppery

Texas Chopped Beef Brisket = Moist and tender.  The Texas BBQ sauce gives it a sweet and slightly spicy taste.

Hush Puppies = Corn-dusted, buttery Cornbread rolls

Southern Sweet Tea = I didn’t try this but I took a picture of it and supposedly it’s brewed fresh.  I like how the sweet tea is its own little station at the corner of the truck with cups set out and little spigots to dispense.

6/11/2012 Update: Tried some more sides…

Pepper Jack Mac = Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese over shell macaroni

Truck Stop Potato Wedges = Standard salted potato wedges.  I got hot mustard, ketchup, and sweet/spicy Texas BBQ sauce as dips.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [n]
Highchairs/Boosters [n]
Stroller Access [sidewalk/parking lot]

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