Inside Man

Inside Man
Directed by Spike Lee
Rated R
129 minutes

We looked on Netflix’s top 100 rentals and this was among them. I found it at the library pretty quickly from a list of a few others that I could remember, so I checked it out. We were sort of dreaded watching it because it was 2+ hours long. We never have 2+ hours straight to do this kind of thing. And from the beginning we knew it would be long. This reminded me of the movie Phone Booth a bit for some reason, although I can’t really remember Phone Booth. This story all takes place pretty much in a bank after it is robbed….or being robbed…or so we think. Denzel Washington plays the role of the negotiator in Inside Man after NYPD finds out there are 50 hostages inside. And he pushes a few buttons like he usually does and crosses the line with the robbers, which is the turning point of the story. Inside Man is dragged out but it makes you think about the cleverness of the robbers and also makes you laugh a bit in the end. Get ready for a ton of profanity though…lots of potty-mouths in this film, not surprising of a Spike Lee movie.

– Joyce

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