Blueberry Morning

Blueberry Morning is my favoritest cereal.  It’s only on sale once in a blue moon (or about once a year) at Safeway or Lucky.  Since I’m a fruit lover, the dried blueberries make it extra tasty.  You just have to eat the cereal quickly or else the flakes get soggy (like most other cereals).  Try it out.  You’ll like it.

– Norm

From the back of the Post Selects Blueberry Morning box:

“First, we carefully select plump, juicy blueberries, picked precisely at the right time to lock in their sweet flavor intensity.  Then we blend together these blueberries, bursting with flavor, with the perfect crunch of nutritious multi-grain flakes, granola clusters and specially selected almonds…it’s the ultimate indulgence.  Blueberry Morning.  Just one of our Post Selects cereals.  Each with a story of its own.”


3 thoughts on “Blueberry Morning

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