Burger Bar

Address: 521 Geary St., 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 296-4272
Website: http://www.burgerbarsf.com

This year for our work’s annual department Christmas meal, we went to Burger Bar for an early dinner.  Burger Bar is the creation of Chef Hubert Keller of Fleur de Lys fame.  There are locations in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and St. Louis.  The San Francisco location is on the 6th floor of Macy’s Union Square.  The Cheesecake Factory is also in the same building  on another floor.  Burger Bar is easily accessible by elevator (might have to wait a while) or by escalators.  We had a private room with tables overlooking Union Square and plasma TVs showing Monday Night Football.  Since it was a private party, we already had a menu picked out.  This was essentially appetizers, Burger Bar sliders, small milkshakes as dessert, and drinks on the house.

Appetizers: Fried Onion Rings, Fried Zucchini, and Fried Pickles.  The first two were nothing out of the ordinary; however, the fried pickle was quite interesting in that it’s not something you see and taste frequently.  The four or five different dipping sauces were good options to have.

Burger Bar Sliders: Angus with bacon slider was cooked perfectly with slight pink  in the middle Angus beef.  Country Natural Beef with American Cheese was just the usual cheeseburger.  There supposedly was a Buffalo slider with caramelized onions, but there wasn’t any left when I got there.

Milkshake Sampler Platter: There were three types of mini milkshakes for dessert.  I had the Vanilla/Strawberry.  It was basically vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup (picture a Lava Flow substituting the Pina Colada for vanilla ice cream).  It was pretty rich, sweet, and boy was it good!  This was the best thing of the night.  The other flavors (I think) were Caramel Latte and black & white.

Maybe next time I should try their actual burgers since the name of the place is Burger Bar.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [?]
Changing Station [?]
Highchairs/Boosters [?]
Stroller Access [maximal]

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