The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift
Directed by Michael O. Sajbel
Rated PG
114 minutes

I saw a recommendation for this movie from a FB friend so I requested it from the library and they got it on the hold shelf for me. This movie is based on a book by a blind author Jim Stovall.

A grandpa (James Garner) passes away and his greedy family was expecting to get a big chunk of inheritance. Because he knew they would be greedy, he left them with nothing. An unsuspecting grandson (Drew Fuller) who had a huge grudge against him somehow had to earn an “ultimate gift”. He didn’t even know what the gift was, but decided to to for it. He got a lot more than he bargained for.

I love the change that takes place in the grandson, and the connection he makes with a “true friend”. Not only do the “challenges” of receiving the ultimate gift reveal the truth about the past (why the grandson didn’t like the grandpa…even more than the rest of the family) but this story teaches about the gifts that life has to offer. Even the viewers can learn a thing or two while watching this movie.

– Joyce

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