Children’s Bibles

We have quite a few children’s Bibles. No matter which we have out, Melody will want to read one story for bedtime.

My First Treasury: Good Night Bible Stories – Probably for older preschoolers because there aren’t too many pictures in there. Not sure if all the stories are great to read before bedtime.

The Baby Bible Storybook for Girls – Not sure what the difference is between the one for boy and the one for girls but ours is pink. =p We got this for Emily’s 1st birthday from our church’s children’s ministry director.

The Anytime Bible – I kept hearing about this one so I decided to get it for Melody. She likes the stories but it takes a bit of time to understand the questions for discussion at the end of each story.

Read and Share Toddler Bible – Another Bible from the director for Melody when she became a big sister. She loves this one. We’ve read the whole thing a few times through. It also comes with a DVD but she has never asked to watch it. One time I brought it out but she was not interested.


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