Liba Falafel Truck

Address: Various locations….follow on Twitter or Facebook
Phone: (415) 806-LIBA

Liba Falafel Truck is a mobile food vendor specializing in (what else?) falafel.  Gail Lillian is the owner and she stands in front of the truck taking orders.  She writes your name on the bags in which you get your food after you finish ordering.

You can order either a regular falafel or a small falafel.  There’s also a falafel bowl option.  “A lotta love” and “a little love” are the combo selections.  These consist of a falafel, sweet potato fries, and a drink.  The limp sweet potato fries with garlic/cilantro/lime as a side are quite addictive.

What’s special about the falafel truck is the self-service toppings bar.  It’s a help-yourself, high-quality, made-from-scratch fillings bar in which you top your falafel sandwich with.  There’s a great assortment and you can mix and match however you please.  Gail refills the fillings herself when they get low.

The falafel sandwich itself is crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside.  Since it’s pocket-shaped, you can stuff the top with as much fillings as you please.

All in all, the falafel sandwich and sweet potato fries make a great little meal.  So when you’re thinking a little different, try something Mediterranean.  Try the Liba Falafel Truck.

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [n]
Highchairs/Boosters [n]
Stroller Access [street/sidewalk]

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