My Pal Violet

My Pal Violet
Recommended Age: 6 months to 3 years

My Pal Violet was the girls’ favorite toy for the longest time. You can connect it to an online account and choose from a number of songs. Violet will sing the songs using your child’s name and favorite things.

From the site:

– First words

– Daily routines

– Early number sense

– Feelings and emotions
– Animals”

Some ways to improve:
*More volume settings (I personally think it’s too loud if you use it for “sleepy time music”.)
*More song/game selections
*A choice to let the music play until the end (or your child will just continue pressing all the paw buttons without actually having it finish a song)
*A dimmer light on the “collar”

– Joyce

Other reviews of My Pal Violet:
Toys ‘R Us (9/8 note: on sale right now for $17)


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