Chutes and Ladders Disney Princess Edition

Chutes and Ladders
Recommended Age: 3 -6 years

We got this game from a cousin (my mom’s cousin’s daughter). It is the same as regular Chutes and Ladders where you start at the bottom, spin the spinner and move your piece. At the ladders, you move up. At the chutes, you slide down. When you reach the top, you win!

Melody likes that the game pieces are the Disney Princesses. She usually chooses to be Sleeping Beauty. I have never played the regular Chutes and Ladders before, but this gameboard can be a bit confusing for the younger kids. You can see the numbers, but many times I even have trouble remembering which direction to go unless I really pay attention to the numbers and arrows. The rules are simple, and it is a great first board game for kids. It can take awhile for a player to win if you go down the chute at the top that bring you allllll the way back down to the bottom. That can be frustrating for little kids…or even big kids too.

I found that the packaging is too much. The board is folded into fourths so that it can fit into half of the whole box. Laying the spinner and pieces on top, all of it will only take up half the box. It would be better for storage if we just have….half the box. Did I say “half the box”? =p

– Joyce

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