Fisher Price Doodle Pro

Doodle Pro
Recommended Age: 3 years and up

This is one of those “classics” that all kids have. We had a basic Magna Doodle when we were younger. It seems they have all sorts of these now. There is a travel size one. There’s ones with different characters on them. They even have ones with color now!

I can’t remember when we bought this for Melody, but we got it at Kmart. We never go to Kmart (it’s not close by, and not on the way to somewhere), but for some reason we were there and we got it for her. I think it was before she was 2 years old. The recommended is 3+, but she did fine with it.

Melody mainly uses the drawing part of it, and doesn’t use the magnet shape drawers for anything. For awhile, we did use it for a game of hide and seek, where one of us will hide the shapes on any magnetic things in our house, and the other one goes to look for it. Melody uses our Doodle Pro daily. She likes to play Pick and Draw on it. When I teach her to draw, I use the DoodlePro so that I don’t have to waste paper. Sometimes she just covers the entire board. Emily likes to erase anything that is on there.

The tray that holds the magnet shapes is a bit difficult for the kids to open. After many many many uses, the black of the magnet start to show up. I remember this happening to the Magna Doodle that we had as kids, but not to the extent of the old ones.

– Joyce

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