Black & Decker Cordless Lawn Mower

I’m finally getting around to reviewing our lawn mower we’ve bought on eBay since moving in to our house a little over 2 years ago.  We have an orange Black & Decker CMM1200 24V Cordless Mulching Mower.  I wanted a cordless mower and didn’t want to deal with the maintenance of a gas mower.

Before using the mower, I charge it overnight.  I can probably get the front and backyard with one charge, but the rechargeable battery dies out a bit mowing the second lawn on one charge.  I usually do one lawn per day and charge in between.

I like the safety feature that you have to put the safety key in first and hold up the lever while mowing.  It’s especially useful with kids around.  I also like that the mower needs little to no maintenance.

Two things need a little work on this mower.  The first is that if you’re mowing really tall and thick (or lawn neglected to be trimmed for weeks on end) grass, the area between the blade and the grass collection bin towards the back of the mower can get overloaded (stuck) with too much grass.  This just means you have to dump out the collection bin and clear that area or physically lift the mower to force the stuck grass to the collection bin.  The mower is also quite heavy making turns cumbersome.  To use a football analogy, this mower is like a fullback who uses power to  plow through the line as opposed to a halfback who cuts, weaves, and hits holes with precision.  The mower does good large back and forth lines, but I finish off the sides of the lawns with a cordless edger.

The mower has and is still serving well for us.  It’s good enough for the amount of lawn we have at our house.

– Norm

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