Burma Superstar

Address: 1345 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501 (between Alameda Ave & Central Ave)
Phone: (510) 522-6200
Website: http://www.burmasuperstar.com

For Joyce’s birthday, just the two of us (Len and my parents watched the kids) headed to Alameda to try out Burma Superstar.  I heard great things about this restaurant from various reviews.  We went there a bit early with a few people already eating, but by the time we left almost every seat was taken.

I already scouted out the menu, so we were all ready to order.  We only had to decide which drink to get and ended up getting Thai Iced Tea and Jasmine Iced Tea.  Vegetable Samusas was the appetizer we ordered and boy was it spicy, spicy.  Deep fried/hand-wrapped curry potatoes will do it for you.  Separate special house sauce will make it more spicier if you want to travel down that road.

The Food Network reviewed two of the salads and we had both of them: The Tea Leaf Salad and The Rainbow Salad.  A server comes and describes the ingredients of the salad before mixing it in front of you tableside.  The Tea Leaf Salad was absolutely amazing and was the salad we both enjoyed most.  The Rainbow Salad was a noodle salad with a slew of ingredients and was pretty tasty, but also had a hint of spiciness.

Our entree was the Classic Burmese Chicken/Shrimp Casserole with Cardamom Cinnamon Rice.  This dish was more tame (not spicy) and full of flavor.  Lightly fried shrimp and yummy biryani rice tamed the spiciness of the samusas and the Rainbow Salad.  Underneath the shrimp was a braised chicken leg with amazingly tender meat.

All in all, the food was very tasty, but a bit spicy.  What do you expect from Burmese food (a mixture of Chinese, Thai, and Indian food)?  If you plan to eat here, plan accordingly and try to beat the lunch/dinner crowds (much like the SF location).

– Norm

Children’s Menu [n]
Changing Station [?]
Highchairs/Boosters [?]
Stroller Access [minimal]

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