Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell
Directed by Bradley Raymond
Rated G
78 minutes

We go over to my parents’ for dinner on Sunday nights. My brother has the Tinkerbell DVD, so Melody watched it a few times there. I think it is the first full-length movie she has watched. She got hooked. We found it at the library and checked it out. And then renewed it. And then renewed it again. I only watched bits and pieces of it because the baby needed me at times. I finally watched it in its entirety and I have to say I like it a lot more than I expected. Unlike most other Disney movies, there is no crazy, evil villain, although there is a “bad” guy fairy. There are a lot of themes and issues that you can discuss with your child if you like. The movie touches on identity and being proud of who you are, friendship, gifts/talents, and working together. There may be a few underlying ones as well. The story takes us to Pixie Hollow where Tinkerbell finds her talent of tinkering. She discovers she can’t go to the Mainland because she is not a nature talent fairy whose work is directly related to preparing for spring. She tries hard to reject her own talent and become a water fairy, a light fairy, and a garden fairy. This gets her into trouble and spring almost didn’t come. Melody enjoys watching this movie and we’ll probably be checking it out at the library again.

– Joyce

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3 thoughts on “Tinker Bell

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  2. Funny we saw that dvd @ the library yesterday and I thought C would want to rent it because we were just at Disney On Ice (her first exposure to Tink) and she chose Bob the Builder instead. Go figure.

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