Playskool Busy Ball Popper

Playskool Busy Ball Popper
Recommended Age: 9 months and up

Logging out of Yahoo! Mail one day, there was a feature about the top 10 toys for this past year.  The Playskool Busy Ball Popper happened to be one of them.  We decided to buy Emily this for her Christmas present.  She likes holding the top funnel and looking at the tube where the balls come out of and the wind coming out of the fan.  She also just likes holding one of the five balls in general.  The only drawback of this toy is that it’s a bit loud…which somewhat scares Melody.  There is no volume control on the thing….just an on/off switch.  The balls “pop” up through the tube and the top funnel catches the balls about 75% of the time.  The other 25% of the time is when multiple balls pop up vigorously and end up on the floor around the toy (best to play on carpet so the balls don’t roll away).  Other than that, the ball popper is a fun toy that’s entertaining and plays a handful of tunes while the balls pop up with forced air and then return through the slide when caught from the funnel.  We have the harder-to-find pink version of this toy.

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