Drano Max Gel

Caution: There may be TMI in this review depending on your views on grossness factor. Hey, I just tell it like it is.

Postpartum hair loss much? No? Well, let me tell you, it’s not fun. It wasn’t fun the first time, and it wasn’t fun this time around. If you know nothing about this, well you will now. During pregnancy, your hair grows and very few strands fall out. Then, after you have the crying demanding bundle of joy, there’s something called postpartum hair loss. It happens around the 3rd-5th month and lasts for about a month. It’s not a few hairs here and there. It’s like a whole trash can of hair at the end of the day everyday. My hair is finally starting to grow back now that Emily is 9 months old, but it looks like I’m growing bangs or have a lot of flyaways from breakage.

So, what does this have to do with Drano? A lot! Before showering I brush my hair so that I get every single hair that’s falling out. While in the shower, as I wash my hair, tons of it continue falling out. It seriously takes me an extra 10 or so minutes in there to not have hair come off my head. And with both kids I have relatively short hair. I can’t imagine what would it look like if I had long hair. So basically, the hair clogged up the bathtub drain. Also not fun.

Well, that’s where Drano comes in. I know…can I possibly have more to say about hair loss? Isn’t this about Drano? Yes, it is. We just poured some down the drain and voila! Done. It was fantastic. The water could once again go down and I don’t have to have the water rise up with hair floating all over on my feet. TMI? Maybe, but I’m telling you, this stuff works. We’ve tried home remedies for clogs before and they don’t work that well. Remember to keep this stuff out of children’s reach!! Please!

– Joyce

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