Babyganics Stain, Stain, Go Away Stain Remover

Babyganics Stain, Stain, Go Away Stain Remover is only the 2nd stain remover we have tried (the other required a bit more elbow grease…and we don’t like grease on our elbows around here), but I think we have a keeper. If you have ever changed an explosive leaky diaper, you know how much scrubbing you have to do later…on the onesie, on the pants, on the sleeper, on the changing pad sheet, basically on anything that the poop touched, sometimes that could be on your own clothes. And for all you new moms out there, that tiny body can produce a ton of poop. It’s crazy, I know.

So after a leak, just spray, chill (you, not the clothes), and wash (the clothes, not you). It’s that easy. If you couldn’t get to the stain in time and it’s drying up already, no worries, just repeat the steps. One time we did not have time to get to the stain on Emily’s pants because we didn’t know it leaked that far. We sprayed it the next day and it still came out. And if you get to the stain right away, you can even possibly see the stain lift right off of the clothes when you rinse it.

This works for food stains and pukey spit-up stains, too. And don’t worry about how toxic it is, because it’s not. Here are the ingredients: Plant Derived Cleaning Agents (Coconut, Palm Kernel Based Surfactants, Filtered Water, Naturally Derived Quality Control Agents and Preservative (less than 0.1%).

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– Joyce


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