Acura RDX

The Acura RDX is the family car that replaced my beloved STi.  I drove it to work when Melody was born.  Now Joyce drives it around to run errands and visit close-by family since I take BART to work.

Although I loved the performance aspect of the STi, I could never fully utilize its sportiness unless I brought it out to a track (which I never did).  The RDX has paddle shifters, but the response isn’t as immediate as it was in the STi.  It takes about one full second for up/downshifting to occur.

The thing I like about the RDX is its technology and since I’m somewhat of a tech junkie….it’s a perfect fit.  The RDX has voice-activated commands for navigation, audio, and air circulation.  Bluetooth Hands-Free linkage to cell phones is standard.  Since we bought the Tech Package (the only option that was available on the RDX at the time), it also came with a Navi system with rearview backup camera (love it!… useful when parking) and 3 complimentary months of XM radio/NavTraffic.  The HomeLink system replaced our garage door opener when programmed.

Of course, the RDX’s trunk area had to fit all my electric guitar equipment (pedalboard, small amp, and electric guitar in tweed case) or my Taylor acoustic across.  There is ample space back there like there was with my parents’ slightly smaller Forester.  There’s also a removable trunk cover and a small trunk light on the left-hand side.

Like on the STi, we got the xenon HID headlamps for better driving visibility, although the headlamps don’t adjust vertically like they can on the STi.

The only thing I dislike about the RDX is its gas mileage.  It could get a little better gas mileage than the average 17-19 MPG it gets from normal driving.  In future models, Acura offers a FWD version that gets a little better gas mileage than the AWD version we have.

– Norm


5 thoughts on “Acura RDX

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  2. We wanted to get the RDX too, but ended up with the CR-V instead just because we put about 25 miles on it everyday and it’s more gas efficient and cost less to repair if it ever breaks down. We bought the leather package with FWD, which we get about 26 mpg. Overall, we are pretty happy with this car. Those luxury options in the RDX are really nice to have, but I don’t think I would pay that much extra. Just my opinion.

    Nice review of the RDX!

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