Ikea Art Easel

ikea_easel_whiteikea_easel_blackMala Art Easel
Recommended for 3+

We got this Ikea art easel last year. One side is a white board, and the other side is a chalkboard. You can also buy a roll of paper. We decided to go for the roll of paper instead of having Melody write on the whiteboard, because at that time she was still a little young to understand what can and cannot be used to write on there. The chalkboard side is against the wall because that was just too messy for our liking if she used it without our supervision. She would not write on the walls, but the powder from the chalk would be on her clothes. (I know, what kind of Pre-K teacher was I? haha Well, those weren’t my kids’ clothes that I would have to wash. =p) The only problem I see with the easel is that the tray is only on the whiteboard side. This is where all the writing materials can be held. Melody favorite things to draw on here with markers are circles in her favorite colors – purple, pink, and orange. Chalk and drawing paper roll sold separately at Ikea.

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– Joyce


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