Fisher-Price Let’s Get To Work Handy Manny Figure

handy_mannyLet’s Get To Work Manny
Recommended for ages 3 to 6

Melody had been into Handy Manny because we picked up a DVD in the doctor’s office with a few Disney Playhouse shows on it. The Handy Manny episode was about Isabella becoming a big sister. Of course, this hit home for us as we were preparing for a new baby.

Norm bought this toy for Melody when Emily was born. She opened it that 2nd night I was at the hospital and was thrilled to have it. Manny can’t replace Mommy while she’s gone but he was fun.

Handy Manny says 25 phrases in English and Spanish when you push this belt buckle or open his left thumb. That’s Melody’s favorite part. The tools can go in the toolbox or be attached onto Manny’s belt or hands. It does use 3 AA batteries. There is no volume control. You can only turn it on or off.

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– Joyce

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