Message in a Bottle

message_bottleMessage in a Bottle
by Nicholas Sparks
384 pages
Published by Vision

This story begins with Boston Times columnist Theresa finding a message in a bottle washed ashore during her vacation. Little did she know that it was the beginning of her quest toward finding her true love. In the journey, she discovers she could fall in love again, with Garrett, the author of the message. They are from different worlds, but yet they are able to find a connection. The past hinders their relationship from moving forward. The physical distance separates them and they find it difficult to continue. Someone must make a sacrifice, but it could be too late.

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– Joyce


7 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle

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  2. i haven’t read the book yet that’s why i’am doing this becuase it says that if i leave a comment i could read the book here…i really hope so because the movie was so great that i thought the book would be expectacular!!!!

    but if any one have a soft copy of the book…please please please post it here!!!!tnx!

    • did u find a copy of the book?
      i want to read it too but i couldn;t find it!
      plz give it to me if you have it!

  3. hey………….i hav the last song by nicholas sparks nd my frnds asked me to read this one also…as i hav already seen the movie i know its gonna be great…… everyone….happy reading!!

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