George Foreman 8-in-1 Toaster Oven/Broiler

foreman_8in103.09.10 Update: Well, our 8-in-1 has finally called it quits on us. Part of it anyway. It just wasn’t heating up our food very well, and then we saw that the upper heating element is bent. How did that happen? We never even touch up there, or have anything close to it. Anyhow, it has given us 4.5 good years of baking up dishes and toasting bread and many-a King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls.

We received this toaster oven as a wedding gift. It has many different features and functions, but on a daily basis we use it for toasting or baking. There are 2 racks which can hold 4 slices of bread each, but toasting is more even if you only use one rack. Because it is a toaster oven and not a regular oven, the heating is not the same. For recipes that involve baking, you will have to adjust the temperature (i.e. bake longer than suggested). We tried doing grilling on there, but could not quite figure it out. You can also use the oven as a rotisserie, as a griddle, or for roasting. It also comes with a bun warmer that goes on top, but we found that it does not work that well. It is fairly big in size compared to most toaster ovens, so make sure you have plenty of counter space if you decide to purchase this one.

– Joyce

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