Infantino Fun Cube

fun_cubeFun Cube
For ages 12 months – 3 years

For Melody’s 1st birthday, we received an Infantino Fun Cube. On each side of the cube there is a different activity.
#1: “Traveling bug beads that slide and spin”
#2: “Shape sorting ladybug helps teach colors and shapes”
#3: “Spin, dial or push the activity butterfly to activate lights and music”
#4: “Turn wheels on the caterpillar and watch his legs dance”
Top: “Bead-play station”

The description sounds great, and the toy looks really fun, but when it comes down to it, if this is purchased for younger ones, it is really hard to use. The “traveling bug beads” that twists is even hard for me to use. Because the “shape sorting ladybug” is on the side, you have to basically get the shapes in a precise position to get it into the cube. The butterfly is fun, but some of the buttons are a bit difficult for younger ones to push. The caterpillar is also challenging because the handle on the gear is quite small for little hands to grasp. The “bead-play station” is your standard. It is the top of the cube, and you can take it off (it doesn’t connect with the actual cube, which is a complaint of many parents) and turn it upside down for better storage. This is not a toy that Melody chose to play with often. We ended up letting my sister borrow it for my nephew, but he was not into it either.

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– Joyce


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