50-Piece Foam Alphabet Tile Set

foam_abc50-Piece Foam Alphabet Tile Set
Venture Products
Birth and up

Last year when we bought our house, we realized we needed floor coverings since there is hardwood floors throughout. I have been used to carpeting my whole life. We definitely needed some rugs, especially knowing we will be down on the floor…a lot…with Melody. She was 13 months old at the time. We ended up buying these foam letters to make a play area for her in our future dining room. =p We bought a small Ikea children’s tent which we put on top of the foam letters. So for the most part, it played its role as a soft area for her to play in, and since the tent took up most of the space, Melody never really bothered with taking the letters out. It did help her learn a few of the letters. Now that she has found that she can move the tent, the squares and letters have been scattered in the corner of the room a few times. Having experience with just the foam numbers while working at a childcare center with preschoolers, I know that there will many repeats of the scene. I think we will be getting the plain foam squares soon…We do like how we can spell some words with the letters, and Melody likes to use the number squares to play hopscotch.

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– Joyce


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