Princess Megablocks

Disney Princess
Mega Bloks
18 months – 3 years

We now have 2 sets of Mega Bloks Disney Princess sets. Melody received one for her 1st Christmas. It was the underwater kingdom set with Ariel and Prince Eric. There are many special pieces included: a boat, clamshells, Flounder and Sebastian, seaweed/algae, and a treasure box. You can be creative with the blocks and create many different scenes.
underwaterShe recently received a 2nd set from one of my sister’s student’s mom. This set contains Ariel and Cinderella along with a few other special pieces, like a glass slipper on a cushion, the rose from Beauty and the Beast, and a mirror. I’m not sure if it’s just this particular set, but the pieces feel a bit loose when you put them together. And it’s hard to build too many things because a lot of the pieces have only one block connector.


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– Joyce


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