A Walk to Remember

a_walk_to_rememberA Walk to Remember
by Nicholas Sparks
260 pages
Published by Warner Books

Not like the movie. It is too bad when I watch the movie before reading the book. I would much rather have the author’s original view of the story in my mind than the filmmaker’s as my first impression. Anyhow, there are a lot more differences between the book and the movie than similarities. Sparks’ 3rd novel is set in the late 1950s. It is told to us by Landon Carter (in the present time) as a 57-year-old looking back at his past, and his one true love. He talks about his journey of falling in love with Jamie Sullivan, the preacher’s daughter. From two different worlds, the two found they needed each other, but all they had was “a walk to remember,” and their time together was brief. If you have not already watched the movie (or even if you have), read the book to see how it got its title.

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– Joyce


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