Live Like You Mean It

live_like_you_mean_itLive Like You Mean It: Seven Celebrations to Rejuvenate Your Soul (also titled Live Like You Mean It: Engaging in a Life of Passion, Romance, and Adventure)
by Kathy Troccoli
208 pages
Published by WaterBrook Press

I was the random prize winner for the monthly Small Things drawing over at Home Sanctuary. My first month of participating and I win a book! And it’s autographed too!

Kathy Troccoli (author, speaker, singer) shares about how we can turn challenges in life into something beautiful through our outlook, and focus on what God has in store for us. She talks about some issues she has had to face in her life that were real struggles, but she has come to live la dolce vita (the sweet life), as her Italian-American family would call it. Kathy talks about how we can have a more passionate life through these celebrations: live la dolce vita, fill up on the finest, keep your life web free, talk to god, stay ripe for the picking, wait in expectation, and be a desperate woman.

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– Joyce


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