Money Savvy Pig

piggy_bankI won this one-of-a-kind piggy bank from a giveaway over at Jessica Knows during her Better Budgeting series. It is from Money Savvy Generation. There are 4 chambers: save, spend, donate, and invest. We just won the bank, but for the older kids there is a curriculum that teaches them about what they can do with their money. Especially during a time like this, it’s important that kids understand more about money. Melody is, of course, a little young to really understand the 4 chambers, but she likes to put the coins in. We gave her a few choices for each one and she “chose” to save for a camera, spend on a book, donate to Operation Christmas Child, and invest for college. As she grows up, I hope she will learn more about how to be a good steward of money.

They also have a football and cow too!

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Image Source: msnbc

– Joyce


2 thoughts on “Money Savvy Pig

  1. Congratulations. It’s a great bank. Another option, for parents, teachers that want to emphasize reading as well as saving money check out Sammy Rabbit books and music. Both are fabulous at They are suggested by numerous personal finance experts including David Bach, Eric Tyson, MSN, Kiplinger, the Motley Fools, etc.

    Sam X Renick
    Changing children & family lives one habit and dime at a time by teaching them to save money, develop smart money habits and make smart money choices.

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