Playtex Baby The Insulator™ Twist ‘n Click™ Straw Cup

playtex_cupThe Insulator Twist ‘n Click Straw Cup
For ages 2 & up

Our The First Years Take and Toss Sippy Cup lids are coming to their ends, and the The First Years Take ‘n Toss Straw Cups are not great for traveling. Although The First Years Insulator Cups do a great job, it does tend to leak when it is not upright. We decided to get the Playtex Insulator Twist ‘n Click Straw Cup. At the Babies ‘R Us we went to there were not too many choices for designs. Melody’s been into trucks lately because of the highway construction nearby so we bought the 2-pack with trucks on them. Each cup holds up to 9 oz. These cups do a fairly good job keeping liquids from spilling, even when the cup is turned upside down. The only suggestion would be for you to remember to make sure all parts of the straw are tight, or some liquid will drip out. It does seem to take a little sucking power to drink from the straw compared to other straws and sippy cups. (Yes, I tested it.) I guess that is why the liquids stay in so well. The lid is a bit on the tight side. These cups are easy to wash, but hard to store. The part of the straw that the child drinks from is a rubbery material which is a lot better than the usual hard plastic that dents when the kid bites on it. It is also insulted when you want warm drinks to stay warm, or cold drinks to stay cold. I also like how there is a slider on top, so if the cup is dropped the straw will stay clean.

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Image Source: Playtex

– Joyce


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