Circo Single Wire Puzzle Rack with 4 Puzzles

singlewirepuzzrackSingle Wire Puzzle Rack
Circo (Target)
For ages 2 & up

I can’t find this on the Target website, but it’s the Target brand Circo. The one pictured is from Melissa & Doug. For Christmas, one of the gifts I got Melody was a puzzle rack with 4 puzzles. It is the simple ones with the little knobs on the pieces. The rack holds up to twelve 9″x12″ puzzles. The recommended age is 2+ but we found that after a few times Melody had no problems with taking the pieces out and matching them with the correct slot. We had to think of creative things to do so we wouldn’t feel like we’ve wasted money. We’ve worked on learning to say the names of the pieces (animals, shapes, etc.), and the sounds that the animals make. We’ve added 3 puzzles to the rack recently for ages 3+.

It holds the puzzles pretty well, but it is a little difficult to put a puzzle back if the rack is empty. The rack does a good job of holding the puzzles in so they don’t slide out when the rack is tipped forward. It is a bit hard for a 2-year-old to slide the puzzles back into their slots after playing with them. Overall, I think it’s a great deal for what you get. (It was under $12 for the rack and 4 puzzles.)

Other Circo puzzles that fit in the rack:
Small Puzzles with Knobs Assortment
Small Classic Puzzles Assortment
Small Magnetic Puzzles Assortment

Melissa & Doug 9″x12″ chunky wooden puzzles also fit in the rack, but is more expensive.

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– Joyce


3 thoughts on “Circo Single Wire Puzzle Rack with 4 Puzzles

  1. Just purchased this puzzle rack w/ 4 puzzles, and was set to wrap for Christmas when I noticed a warning sticker on the bottom of the puzzles.
    It reads: 10/09
    California 93120
    Complaint for Formaldehyde

    What are the concerns?
    Is this safe for children?

    Thank You for your quick reply

    Bruce McEachran

    • Sorry to the late response. We purchased this last Christmas so there wasn’t any sort of warning sticker on there. CA 93120? Would that be just the location of the complaint or where you purchased the puzzles/rack? I just found this info on Formaldehyde. It sounds like it’s in a lot of products, probably the wood. Otherwise, I’ve never had any other problems with the product. I would say that the rack is a bit difficult for younger children to handle even though the puzzles can be for 2 year olds and up. Hope this helps.

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