The Notebook

thenotebook_coverThe Notebook
by Nicholas Sparks
Published by Warner Books
272 pages

Upon reading an article in Entertainment Weekly about Nicholas Sparks, I was sparked (haha) to read his books. If you know me, you’d know I like order so I wanted to start with the first book he wrote, which was The Notebook. The Wedding was also recommended to me by a friend. I did watch the movie a long time after it came out, simply because it was one of the only ones I hadn’t seen on my brother’s DVD shelf. We don’t have a TV (by choice) , we don’t rent DVDs, and at the time, I didn’t check out stuff from the library too much, so that was the only option if we wanted to watch a movie. The movie stayed pretty true to the book. What I didn’t know was that it is based on the story of Spark’s wife’s grandparents. It is somewhat two stories in one. An elderly man in a home reads to a woman, who has Alzheimer’s Disease, from a notebook about a young couple. It is a love story of two teenagers who were kept apart because of class differences. More than a decade later, they meet again. The elderly woman later remembers knowing this story. You know it too if you’ve watched the movie, but if you still want an easy read, check out this book.

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