The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter

The Mommy Brain
By Katherine Ellison
Published by Basic Books
279 pages

themommybrainLooking for images to describe the state I was in as I headed out to a wedding with my sandals instead of dress shoes, I stumbled upon a book about “The Mommy Brain.” Usually this refers to moms being absent-minded due to the chaos that ensues in a mother’s brain as a result of sleeplessness and keeping up with baby’s demands. This book, by Katherine Allison, has a tagline of “How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter.” It debunks the myths of stay-at-home moms being less intelligent simply because they no longer “work.” The first half of the book discusses brain development. Luckily, I learned a bit about that in a few of my child development classes, or else I would have been completely lost on the subject. Ellison presents abundant research and studies done on how mothers’ brains change during pregnancy and beyond. The second half deals more with examples of women who have gone beyond what they probably would have done had they not had kids. This book is a little heavier reading than I’m used to, but it, in many ways, has motivated me to see what I can do beyond my abilities because of the knowledge I have gained since becoming a mother.

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– Joyce


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