The Ladybug Game

ladybug_gameThe Ladybug Game
Zobmondo!! Entertainment
For ages 3 & up

Melody got this game from Norm’s cousin’s family (Lum’s) for Christmas. She doesn’t really know how to play it yet, but we’re working on it. As a former Pre-K teacher, I think this game is fantastic. The kids I used to work with LOVED ladybugs and bugs in general. The tree outside our classroom had a ton of ladybugs and aphids. The Ladybug Game is designed by a girl when she was in 1st grade as an assignment for class. Kids can play this game without even knowing how to read, after the instructions are explainted to them by an adult, of course. You can basically see what you need to do on the card by the colors and symbols. It even comes with 2 rubber bands so that you can keep the cards neat and tidy. I used a take-out sauce container to store the aphid pieces, and it fits perfectly! There’s even a story that goes with the game. For the younger ones, there definitely needs to be an adult to facilitate the game time. For my Pre-Kers I would only have them play this game during closing time at the end of the day rather than when we have a full classroom and pieces can be shrewn all over the place.

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Image source: Zobmondo!! Entertainment


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